Beam grew daily referrals by 5x and loyalty enrollment by 2.5x

higher LTV of referred customers
increase in loyalty enrollment
increase in daily referrals
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”Superfiliate has allowed us to build a new, highly impactful rewards and referral program that specifically suits our business and our customer. Just as important to note, behind their platform is an amazing team. From their developers to their founders, the Superfiliate Team truly supports you and your business wherever needed and they've been the best partners to work with. Highly recommend!”

Alexa Yoshimoto
Head of Growth Marketing @ Beam
How Superfiliate supercharged Beam's

Rewards and Referral Program 

Brand native experiences

Beam deployed the Superfiliate portal, widget and cobranded landing pages, showcasing their brand’s design language in a modern commerce experience.

Multi-touchpoint email strategy

Leveraging Superfiliate’s Klaviyo integration, the Beam team drove customers to their rewards portal at critical customer touchpoints: after product delivery, before subscription charge, balance milestones and many more.

Subscriber growth + Retention

Leveraging Superfiliate’s Recharge integration and analytics, Beam was able to target and onboard their most valued subscribers to join and love the program.

Referral Milestone based Gifting

The Beam team is expanding their rewards program to include gifts unlocked at different referral milestones to drive further acquisition.

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