Supercharge your SMS marketing with Superfiliate and Attentive

Superfiliate’s integration with Attentive elevates your SMS marketing, connecting you more meaningfully with your audience while boosting your affiliate, influencer, and referral programs.

Engage and Convert
With Personalized Texts

You can see it all around you—people on their phones. This is where you need to engage directly with your customers. Attentive’s personalized messaging, combined with Superfiliate’s cobranded landing pages, creates a targeted approach, meaning every text is an opportunity to deepen customer relationships and increase conversions.

Integrate with

Connecting Attentive with Superfiliate is a breeze. A single, straightforward click means you’re set to deploy impactful, mobile-first campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Automate, Educate,
and Incentivize

Leverage automated text messaging to keep your superfiliates informed and motivated. Share updates on new products, special promotions, and incentives with ease, ensuring they have all they need to promote your brand effectively.

Become a Tracking Master

With Attentive and Superfiliate, tracking the success of your SMS campaigns is simple to understand and act upon. Gain insights into customer engagement and adjust your strategies for optimal performance, ensuring every message hits the spot.

Your upgraded subscription toolkit.

Save time and resources with our no-frills, user-friendly integration. Manage SMS campaigns alongside your affiliate, influencer, and referral programs, all from one comprehensive platform. Integration that just makes sense.

Equip your superfiliates with the tools for success. Utilize Attentive’s SMS capabilities to provide them with the information and incentives needed to share your brand’s message effectively.

Create a bump-free customer journey from SMS to sale. Use targeted texts to guide customers to personalized, high-converting co-branded landing pages, enhancing their shopping experience.

Make informed decisions based on real-time data. Understand how your SMS campaigns contribute to your overall marketing goals, refining your approach for maximum impact and ROI.

Discover how the Superfiliate and Attentive integration is reshaping SMS marketing in the affiliate world.