Drive subscription growth with
and Stay Ai

Superfiliate’s integration with Stay Ai optimizes subscription management for Shopify brands, blending advanced affiliate, influencer, and referral marketing strategies with Stay Ai’s innovative subscription solutions.

Enhanced Subscriber Experience With Co-Branded Landing Pages

Leverage Superfiliate’s expertise in creating high-converting, co-branded landing pages, now optimized for Stay Ai’s subscription offerings. Provide a personalized subscription experience that resonates with your audience, encouraging higher engagement and retention.

A Home for Your Subscribers

Unite all elements of your subscription efforts under one roof. With Superfiliate and Stay Ai, experience a cohesive strategy that integrates retention features like cashback on purchases directly into the Stay Ai portal.

The Tools for the Job

Utilize Stay Ai’s toolkit through Superfiliate to enhance your subscription model. Apply AI-driven personalization and rewards to your affiliate and influencer marketing efforts, ensuring each campaign is tailored to increase subscriber lifetime value.

Your upgraded subscription toolkit.

Integrate Stay Ai’s predictive analytics and AI optimization into Superfiliate campaigns. Gain
a holistic view of your subscribers’ behavior and preferences, enabling more effective and targeted marketing strategies through your affiliate networks (with the help of AI buddies at every step.)

Refine your subscription marketing strategies using Stay Ai’s A/B testing capabilities for your Superfiliate programs. Discover the most effective ways to engage your audience and boost subscription rates through data-backed decisions.

Enjoy a smooth integration process that simplifies the management of potentially complex subscription programs. Superfiliate and Stay Ai together ensure that your influencer, referral and affiliate marketing efforts align with your subscription strategy, all within Shopify’s ecosystem.

Customers are more than numbers in a data set. Enhance your brand’s connection with customers by offering a subscription experience that’s not just transactional, but relational. Through Superfiliate and Stay Ai, create a subscription journey that keeps customers coming back, building long-term loyalty.

See the combined power of Superfiliate and Stay Ai in action.