Effortlessly launch
landing pages

Superfiliate’s one-click integration with Shopify brings you the simplest way to create stunning co-branded landing pages for all of your creator and affiliate partners to increase conversion and increase revenue.

Bask in the flow of data

With Superfiliate, you can benefit from the smooth-sailing flow of data. Product data like SKUs, images, prices, and product descriptions, and brand data like colors and fonts transfer directly from Shopify into Superfiliate. It’s this data wizardry that lets us build our co-branded landing pages for you in days, not weeks or months like other services.

Speedy setup, instant impact.

Connect your Shopify store to Superfiliate with just one click. This gives us all we need to generate video-first, mobile-friendly landing pages that pop and convert. Armed with these supercharged, customizable landing pages, you can sit back and watch your affiliate, influencer, and referral programs soar.

100% Brand Native

Every landing page is 100% focused on your brand, your products, your creators.

Suspiciously Smooth Tracking

Say hello to smarter tracking with Superfiliate. Using UTMs and Shopify Tags and discount codes/links, Superfiliate tracks every successful conversion without over or under attributing sales from your customers and creators. That’s attribution made simple.

Transform every affiliate link into a hyper personalized landing page.

We know your time is limited and you have a million tasks to get done to keep your business growing. That’s why Superfiliate’s integration with Shopify is designed to be done in minutes. Quick setup and easy tracking, everything you need all in one place.

Turn your customers, creators, and advocates into Superfiliates. Provide them with the tools they need to shout about your products from the digital rooftops.

Manage all affiliate, influencer, referral and rewards programs through the Superfiliate app within Shopify. Get a holistic view of all programs quicker than you can say ‘word-of-mouth marketing’.

Dynamic, personalized pages make for a transformative experience that increases conversions. The result? A targeted conversion machine.

Discover how brands are teaming up with Superfiliate to optimize their Shopify experience.