Florence By Mills made an ambassador program their top ROI channel

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”Superfiliate has really helped us accelerate our customers and creators as an acquisition channel, and the ability to manage multiple programs in one app makes our lives much easier. Our customers love their personalized storefronts, and the team has always been helpful and responsive!”

Chelsea Petroe
Ecommerce Manager at Florence by Mills
How Florence supercharged their

Ambassador Program With Superfiliate

Cobranded Landing Pages

Florence ambassadors turned their simple links into hyper-personalized cobranded landing pages where they could choose their favorite brand content, upload their own videos and curate their favorite products.

Omni-channel activation

Leveraging Superfiliate’s Klaviyo and Attentive integration, the Florence team drove customers to their ambassador program across multiple touchpoints.

Highlight Top Performers

Using social media and direct email/sms, the Florence team rallied their top performers to drive more engagement and brand loyalty.

Seamless reward management

The Florence team was able to manage and automate a cashback, gifting and store credit strategy behind every referral and purchase.

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