Recruit and educate your customers and creators with Superfiliate and Postscript

Join the Superfiliate and Postscript party—where SMS marketing gets a dash of flair and a whole lot of function. It’s not just about sending texts; it’s about starting conversations, spreading knowledge, and sparking action.

Every Text Counts

Use Postscript’s SMS capabilities enhanced by Superfiliate’s cobranded landing pages to reach out to potential and existing superfiliates at critical touchpoints. Whether it’s wooing new superfiliates or keeping the veterans hooked, these texts are more than words—they're your brand’s voice in their pocket.

Helping Superfiliates Thrive

Watch as superfiliates go from signing up to actively sharing your brand with their friends and followers! Our integration doesn’t just attract superfiliates; it turns them into your brand’s storytellers and top sellers, supplying them with the right educational information at every touchpoint.

SMS: The Classroom in Your Customer’s Hand

Transform each message into a mini-masterclass about your Superfiliate program. Share the latest scoop on incentives, decode the personalization of their co-branded landing pages, and keep them clued in on all the latest updates and product drops from your brand.

Your upgraded subscription toolkit.

Manage your SMS campaigns with ease. Our one-click integration ensures that your communication efforts align perfectly with your overall affiliate, influencer, and referral strategy, making it easy to keep your network informed and engaged.

Turn every SMS into a personalized conversation. Build lasting relationships that craft a community of superfiliates who are as passionate about your brand as you are.

Notify your superfiliates of their achievements with real-time celebratory updates, whether it’s a successful conversion, unlocking a new reward, or cashback nearing expiry.

Keep your superfiliates on their toes. Use SMS to announce new incentives, rewards, and opportunities within your program, ensuring your superfiliates feel valued and stay engaged.

Discover how Superfiliate and Postscript are upgrading affiliate, influencer, and referral communications.