Activate, engage, and educate your Superfiliates with our Klaviyo integration

Superfiliate’s integration with Klaviyo transforms your creator and customer relationships with timely, targeted, and automated email and SMS campaigns.

Mobilize your customers
and creators

Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle push (and a compelling incentive) to drive your customers and creators to share your brand. Email and SMS are powerful tools to nudge your customers and creators into your affiliate, influencer or referral program. This isn’t just about signing up; it's about sparking that initial excitement and showing them how they can win with your program.

Knowledge is power!
So spread the word

Spread the word about your affiliate, influencer, and referral programs. Educate your network on the ins and outs of your program, the perks, the how-tos, and what’s in it for them. Our integration with Klaviyo makes it a breeze to keep everyone in the loop. We'll even give you some beautiful templates as inspiration.

Don’t be a stranger

Engage with your Superfiliates at every crucial point in their journey. Keep up your side of the conversation, from the first ’hello’ to a ’congrats’ on a successful conversion. Automated, personalized messages make sure they’re always in the know, whether it’s about unlocking gifts or their expiring cashback.

Pop the champagne

Why not share the love and bask in the wins? When your Superfiliates score, it’s time to cheer. Automated messages ensure they know about every conversion and reward. It’s like giving a virtual high-five or chest bump every time they succeed.

Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to customer and creator communication

Automation isn’t laziness, we promise! Simplify your life with automation that feels personal. Set up your communication flows and watch your affiliate, influencer and referral programs grow!

Engage Superfiliates at just the right moments. Educate them about their personalized landing pages and how to make the most of your program. Knowledge leads to action, and action leads to conversions.

Explore how the Superfiliate and Klaviyo integration is transforming Referral, affiliate and influencer marketing.